Privacy Policy

Pursuant to the Law on Personal Data Protection ("The Official Gazette of RS", No. 97/2008 and 104/2009 - the Law) and the Decision of Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection No. 164-00-00213/2011-07 of 29/12/2011, web site (hereinafter: e-citulje) shall bring into accord its operation with the Privacy Policy derived from the text which is in front of you.

1. General considerations:

Site e-citulje is dedicated to protection of all collected and recorded information regarding you. The users of our services accept that all personal data shall be used in accordance with the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy indicates all processes that may lead to collecting personal data.

2. Policy of publishing information:

The policy of Site e-citulje (in respect of publishing personal data gathered on server logs through check-user data base or through some other method unknown to general public) is that such data may be published by the volunteers or employees of the Site e-citulje exclusively in some of the following situations:
  • As a response to a court order or any other statutory order issued by the Authorities,
  • With permission of the user who such personal data concern,
  • In case of investigation of fraudulent use,
  • When the information is related to page viewing generated by the spider or bot and when its distribution is necessary in order to illustrate or resolve technical problems,
  • In case that the user vandalizes articles or persevere in destructive behavior, data may be made available to the provider of services, carrier or the third party in view of facilitating precise blocking the IP address, or defining a complaint addressed to the relevant internet provider,
  • When it is necessary to protect rights, property or safety of Site e-citulje, its users or general public.

Except in above mentioned cases, the Policy of Site e-citulje does not permit distribution of personal data under any other circumstance.

3. Collecting and storing data:

Site e-citulje undertakes liability to collect conscientiously and safeguard all data related to users of our services and the deceased.

Site e-citulje undertakes liability to store data related to users in the special register, as stipulated by the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Date on deceased persons shall be posted in site data basis as long as Site should exist.

4. Legal grounds of the Privacy Policy

Site e-citulje undertakes liability to protect adequately data from abuse, destruction, loss, unauthorized alterations or access. The processors of Site e-citulje are obliged to provide necessary technical, personnel related and organizational measures for data protection, in accordance with prescribed standards and procedures, which are necessary to protect data from loss, destruction, unauthorized access, alteration, publishing and any other abuse, as well as to determine the liability of persons who work on data processing of keeping the confidentiality of data. (Article 47 of the Law on Personal Data Protection)

The processors of Site e-citulje undertakes liability to keep records containing the following information: 1) type of data and name of data filing system; 2) type of processing action; 3) name or company name of controller and his address or seat; 4) date of commencement of data processing or of data filing system establishment; 5) purpose of processing; 6) legal grounds for processing or establishment of data filing system; 7) categories of persons data are related to; 8) types and levels of data confidentiality; 9) manner of collecting and keeping data; 10) period of time for which the data will be kept or used; 11) name or company name and address or seat of the user; 12) code of entry/code of transfer of data from the Republic of Serbia, together with the name of the state or international organization and the name of the international recipient, legal grounds and purpose of such entry or transfer; 13) undertaken data protection measures; 14) requests concerning the data processing. (Article 48 of the Law)

Site e-citulje shall not be responsible for data transferred by another party to a third party in case that such data are false. (Article 8, paragraph 1 of the Law)

The user of Site e-citulje undertakes obligation to use data exclusively for purposes related to the service (Article 8, paragraph 2 of the Law) and not to alter data on his own. (Article 8, paragraph 3 of the Law)

In case of consent for processing data related to a person who died, and when the consent is revoked, the person who granted consent will compensate the real justified costs and damage caused by the revocation to the controller, in accordance with provisions governing liability for damages. Following the consent revocation, data processing shall not be permitted. (Article 11, paragraph 3 of the Law)

The person has the right to termination and temporary recess of processing of data in case of contesting correctness, completeness and accuracy of data. (Article 22, paragraph 3 of the Law)

In case of death and declaration of a missing person as deceased, personal data which were collected shall be kept in accordance with provisions of this Site, pursuant to the Agreement made upon access, stipulated in the Terms of Use of using the Site e-citulje. (Article 35, paragraph 1 of the Law)

Data collected on the basis of statute shall be kept at least one year from the day of death or declaration of a missing person as deceased, after which they shall be destroyed. (Article 35, paragraph 1 of the Law)

A note is made on the destruction of data. (Article 35, paragraph 1 of the Law)

In case of taking over false data Site e-citulje undertakes obligation to erase date within 15 days from the day of claiming such false data. (Article 36, paragraph 1 of the Law)

5. Closing remarks:

By using our web pages you assign to us the right to gather and use information posted by you on the Site in the manner specified above. In case that we should alter some provisions of our Privacy Policy, we shall publish them on this page so that you could have at any time the insight into the manner how we use data provided by you.
User Site e-obituaries published obituary, meaning, memory or condolence do it willingly and without anyone pressing (including private e-obituary). The user enters the required information at your own risk. Website e-citulje is not responsible for the misuse of data entered in the case of illegal computer activity or stealing them.
Website e-citulje is not responsible for the misuse of data by third parties in terms of the use of these data services at the site e-obituaries.
Website e-citulje is not responsible for the misuse of services provided in the case of fraudulent, inappropriate and offensive publication of obituaries, meaning, memory and saučeća. In this case the site will email obituaries apply certain measures and sanctions for publication.
Website e-citulje is not responsible for the misuse of services provided in case of misrepresentation by the publisher.
Website e-citulje will implement specific actions to protect the personal data of users. directory
Personal data publisher is solely used to verify the validity of revelation and subsequently deleted from the database of the site e-obituaries.

In case that you have any additional questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please refer to us by filling our form for contact, or by e-mail.

Any amendment to our Privacy Policy shall not be valid unless published on these internet pages. Any amendment published on these web pages shall come into force immediately, and any further use of our Site or our services shall imply that you accept the amended provisions.