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Why electronic obituaries?

In a difficult situation of a person who intends to announce a sad news of a dismal event, he/she faces hard work - to find photographs, death certificates, then to go to the classified advertising department, which requires sometimes to travel to another town.

Our Site of Electronic Obituaries is just the transition from physical posting an obituary notice, memorial or memory, to electronic posting, which provides a series of aids, by using the internet as a fastest medium brought by the 21st century.

Besides saving time as the key factor, using internet for this purpose provides the possibility to advise all your friends, relatives and people close to you on the loss of your beloved, no matter where they might be at that time.

Through this Site, friends and acquaintances of the deceased may express their condolences and last farewell to the person who passed away. We hope that our services and the policy of using the site of electronic obituaries would assist you and save time in the funeral ceremonies for your beloved.

Yours faithfully, team

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